08 January 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Week #2 - Winter

Winter used to be intense snow! One winter - shortly after we moved out of Coatesville so probably '77 or '78 - we were off school for a week straight because of the snow. It was so high that the drifts were taller than my father (who stood 6'3" then). No one could get out of our neighborhood so my mom drove her VW Bug out overtop the snow drifts to the main road! The neighborhood butted up against an Amishman's farm and it was a huge hill with a creek down on the flat. All the kids - there was more than 12 of us - would grab two tobaggons, pile up on them and race down the hill. One time we actually made it to the creek bed! That was a long walk back up tho. Several winters had a lot of snow. Lots of snow days. We even had a three hour delay one time!

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