17 January 2011

52 Weeks - Week #3 - Cars

I learned to drive in my dad's pinto. It was a puke green color looked more like phlem when you have a cold that a true green really. My the time I got to use it there was a hole in the floorboard in the front passenger side. Daddy took me out for a driving lesson once down on Lower Valley Road. I was really nervous - not because I was finally behind the wheel but because George lived there on the corner and he was IMHO to die for. SO I did fine til the milk truck rounded the curve at the far end of the road and as we got near it ... daddy says "honey you did good. I am so proud of you." yeah proud. y'all should have heard him yell when I simply said "thanks dad. can I open my eyes now?"

That was when I was 15. My first car however wasn't until I got home from college and had to buy a car since we were all going in different directions. I took my dad window shopping. I truely believe on a big ticket item it is best to leave the checkbook at home when going out the first time. I told the dealer I wanted a blue manual car. Other than that I really wasn't picky. He had a Horizon I liked but not wishing to buy the first I saw we went up to Route 72 - land of the car dealers ... and jerks. One salesman kept asking my father what I wanted. Not only did he loose out but I spoke with his super before leaving too! Another guy ignored me completly and spoke only to my father. After those two jerks we went back to that first one - down in New Providence - no longer there. I ended up getting a blue Plymouth Horizon with a manual transmission.

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