31 January 2011

Military Monday -- Draft Registration

Panko Hruszczak was my great grandfather. He was was born in 1893 in Galicia and immigrated thru Ellis Island in 1911, coming to see his uncle in Coatesville, Chester County, PA. On 24 July 1915 he married Bessie Matyz in Coatesville. June 1917 - as per his WWI Draft Registration - shows him and Bessie and a child in Columbia!

Above is Panko Hruszczak's WWI Draft Registration. It shows him, his wife and a child living in Columbia, Lancaster County, PA. This find was incredible because up til I found it no one knew or recalled them living in Columbia. The child is also proof that there was another son before my grandfather who was born January 1918.

The 1920 census lists him, Bessie and two sons (not the one in Columbia he had already passed by then) living in Delaware County. By 1921 my next uncle (Nicholas) was born in Coatesville. It seems they stayed in Coatesville after that.

Below is his WWII Draft Registration. This shows him back in Coatesville, Chester County, PA. It basically confirmed information I already knew.

Panko passed in 1968. He never did serve.

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