13 February 2011

Sunday's Obituary --

Above is the obituary of my father-in-law. When reading over obituaries, always keep in mind that the family writes these most of the time. That means it will be favorable and include what information the family wants people to know. It also means some people who should not be included are and some who should be included are not.

From a genealogical and even historical aspect there are a few things wrong that could send someone off on a wild goose chase. For example, Dad was in fact the police chief for Sadsbury Township. Howver, the obituary does not specify Lancaster County Sadsbury Towship - which incidently is located almost adjacent to Sadsbury Township Chester County.

It reads "he dies after a short illness." What does that mean a "short illness?" How long is short? What truely happened was he had a heart attack at home in Kirkwood and made it to the hospital some 20 miles away before taking his last breath.

Both his parents were Eckmans. They were distant enough it was fine and quite honeslty in Lancaster County it is hard NOT to find someone who is related.

Always use the obituary as a guide rather than the gospel truth.

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