07 July 2012

Adoption Research

I am looking for resources to help someone with some adoption research. Once I get names, I should be fine. Then I would assume research would be like any other family. However it is the starting point that I admit I am fuzzy on. If someone is adopted, how does one even begin if she (or he) knows nothing about their biological family? Would greatly appreciate tips! Thx.


  1. I suggest starting with the local newspaper at the time of the adoption. Many times it was a legal requirement to post an advertisement in or near the classifieds to notify the public about the adoption.

    Also, check into the state or county laws for the place where the adoption occurred. Sometimes the child can request that the file legally be opened for a fee, at which time the name of the mother (and sometimes father) can be released. Every place is different.

    If you end up with only the first name and age of the mother, then check the local yearbooks to find a person who matches the vitals. I found an adoptive mother this way as a volunteer. We had to research each potential woman and find out who she married to eventually track her down. That story resulted in a successful and happy reunion of a mother and her son.

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you. Is it - do you know - still a legal requirement to post ads concerning adoption? If not, when did that practice stop? I know name changes are but have not noticed adoption ads.