01 December 2012

ACCM: The Christmas Tree

This year has just simply blown through so fast! Today - 1 December - begins the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories for Genealogy Bloggers. Today's ACCM prompt is "Christmas Tree".

Growing up we always had real trees. My uncle (mom's brother) had a Christmas tree farm in Unionville. Mom would select a tree - soft to the touch and one that did not loose its needles as fast. Daddy would walk behind and agree with whatever Mom would pick out. Occassionally he would point out that the tree was too big for our living room but normally what mom wanted, mom got!

We would always get our trees ball and wrapped so Daddy could plant them. I think the idea was to begin a privacy fence of sorts. Unfortunately we lived on a unprotected hill and the wind was fierce there. So every year Daddy would go plant our Christmas tree when the time was right, and every year the tree would turn brown and die. It got to be a bit of a joke around the development.

One year one of our neighbors - a retired older gentleman who was a sweetheart - came over one night while Daddy was at work (Daddy works swing shift at Lukens Steel Mill in Coatesville). Daddy was working 4-12 that week so he was not home. Mr Jackson - the neighbor - spraypainted the dying brown tree into this fabulous green!

Of course when Daddy came home it was dark and he was tired so he never noticed ... till it was time to go to work the next day! Mr & Mrs Jackson came over for some coffee and chat that afternoon and were still there when it was time for Daddy to go to work. He got his stuff and walked out. We heard the car door slam shut and then slam again. He came running back in all excited because he thought his tree had miraculously been saved.

Now Mr Jackson had not told anyone what he had done so everyone was astonished and admitedly very disbelieving. We all went out to see thei "miracle" and Mr Jackson just could not stop giggling. Soon he was laughing so hard that tears were rolling down his cheeks. I remember we all kind of looked at him strangely and then he took Daddy around the backside of the tree and Daddy .... got really really red. I think had it been anyone else he might have exploded but as Mr Jackson pointed out the beautiful green tree facing his car had a horrible dying brown side facing the road ... he started laughing. The two of them laughed so hard.

That was one of only two years our Christmas tree survived!

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