12 December 2012

ACCM Prompt: Charity or Volunteer Work

Today's ACCM prompt is charity or volunteer work. GeneaBloggers ask: Did your family ever volunteer with a charity such as a soup kitchen, homeless or battered women’s shelter during the holidays? Or perhaps were your ancestors involved with church groups that assisted others during the holiday?
My first instinct was to say no we never did soup kitchens (weren't any around to be honest) or homeless shelters (again none near us) growing up. However we did do little things helping out here and there at church. My mom and my sister wused to do stuff through their Girl Scout troop but I was never in scouts growing up. They were no tropps that met in our area and by the time there was, well I could have cared less.
So I am sad and embarrased almost to say no we never did anything holiday oriented or out of the ordinary over the holiday seasons.

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