04 December 2012

ACCM Prompt: Christmas Cards

How ironic today's prompt is Christmas Cards and I spent my dya working on mine! Growing up I remember cards coming from people I only ever heard from at Christmas. Today I found myself writing out the names of people I only send something to at Christmas.

Why? What happened to simple communication? One of my goals for the upcoming year is to be more communicative with friends and family.

As a genealogist, I love reading old family letters and gaining an insight to family I never met. What is the next generation - or the generation after that - what are they going to have or know of us? We Facebook and Tweet and stay LinkedIn with each other but letter writing ... letter writing is a skill many have lost.

So yes, I prepared 60 Christmas cards today. Each one got a family letter with updates and info about our past year. Each one I signed individually. Many I wrote a special note inside too. I had the extra pleasure of my girls helping stuff envelopes. As I mentioned a name, I would tell them how that person was related. For some I would add a short story about them. Many of the people sadly my girls do not know. They offered up the relation and a story on the ones they did know!

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