22 April 2013

Military Monday: Eckman

Even if you ancestor did not serve, draft registrations often provide invaluable information.

The image above was pulled from Ancestry.com. It clearly shows seven Eckman men from Strasburg who registered with the draft for the Civil War. All were white and all were born in Pennsylvania. None had someone take their palce. This was written out in June 1863.

Ephraim ... age 39 ... laborer
Henry ... age 44 ... farmer
Jacob ... age 39 ... farmer
John V ... age 39 ... minister
Danl ... age 44 ... carpenter <--- Daniel
Danl G ... age 37 ... farmer <--- Daniel
John H ... age 36 ... carpenter

I had just done a random search on Eckmans but I have to admit this John V. Eckman sparks my interest since, while we have lots of Johns, I do not recall having a minister in the family. A quick search though reveals no John with the middle initial V nor was I able to (quickly) find a minister.

So, now I find myself praying the forecast is right this week. Today is supposed to be nice and sunny but rainy the rest of the week - perfect excuse to stay in and work on this new person!

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