16 April 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Keep an inventory

It goes without saying that you should document everything. That I have done since early on. In fact, I opened my first checking account when I was 14 when I had my first job. The very first check I wrote was to the Department of Vital Records for my great grandfather's death certificate!

One thing I did not do however which would have been helpful, is to keep an inventory of the resources and documentation that I personally have.

My mom passed in February and I finally got a copy of her death certificate. I noticed it was different than the ones I had from earlier relatives. The information on the death certificate has changed. They now ask for the decedent's education. There are three boxes asking for race. The form also asks if tobacco use contributed to death and if the decdent was female if she was pregnant recently.

This "discovery" led to a conversation with my niece and we mentioned making copies for each other of items we do not have. It dawned on me then that I do not have an inventory of what all I have! So now I am going through everything - which is always good from time to time anyway - to account for everything I have. It is however a long task - sorting through the many folders and binders full of family information and documentation!

Hence, my tip today - document and keep an inventory as you go!

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