09 June 2013

The First National Bank of Intercourse

Years ago I found this on EBay. It was a bank check from the First National Bank of Intercourse and has the stamp of a J. F. Eckman. I had no clue who J. F. Eckman was at the time but long ago I realized all Lancaster County Eckmans are related somehow! So I got it and it got tucked away into my Eckman Surname Folder, which until Sorting Saturday seemed to be comparable to the "the kitchen drawer"!

The First National Bank of Intercourse (9216) was established on 10 November 1908. Its Federal Reserve number was 226819. According to Old Money Site, the bank issued 6 type of notes: 1902 $10 Ten Dollar Bill; 1902 $20 Twenty Dollar Bill; 1902 $5 Five Dollar Bill; 1929 $10 Ten Dollar Bill; 1929 $20 Twenty Dollar Bill; and the 1929 $5 Five Dollar Bill.

The Date of Deposit Insurance for the bank was 1 January 1934, according to the FDIC. The bank was inactive as of 5 June 1972. It was "merged without assistance" into Farmers First National Bank in Lititz. The name then changed to simply Farmers First Bank and then to Susquehanna Bank PA.

Today the bank is home to the American Edged Weaponry Museum and is on the National Historic Register. The vault of the bank remains intact. The box above the vault door is the old bank alarm.

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