19 December 2014

#FF More Tweets

Next year – 2015 – one of my goals is to be more active with Twitter. Since Twitter limits characters to 140, I will have to work on some more teasers, for lack of a better word. These posts will off course link back here, to Genealogical Gems.

My most recent follows are:
  1. Genchat (Jen) tweeting at @genchat
  2. @AccessGenealogy
  3. Leslie Lawson tweeting at @llawson3967
  4. PA-Roots tweeting at @paroots
  5. Martin James tweeting at @heritagefamily
One final note: be sure to follow me at @GenealogicalGem.
Follow Friday is a genealogical prompt of GeneaBloggers.

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.