25 July 2014

Family Recipe Friday: Anna's Culinary Treats

This is a shot from my daughter's blog. She is quite the baker and does a good job cooking meals too. I, sadly, am domestically challenged. My mom would always shoo me out of the kitchen and do things herself. I would get yelled at - or worse, laughed at - every time I attempted to do something in the kitchen so much so that even now if I do not have to enter the kitchen and cook up something so much the better. I actually have come to hate the kitchen ... but enough of that and back to my Anna!
Anna has started Anna's Culinary Treats! Once she has a few more recipes that are uniquely hers, we will create a Recipe Book. Until then, I invite you to check out her site, try out a recipe, and please by all means leave your comments.
Note: Family Recipe Friday is a GeneaBloggers writing prompt that I rarely use since I do not cook much. I may have Anna try out a few recipes and perhaps guest blog on those days!

24 July 2014

Throwback Thursday: Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade
Coatesville Area Catholic Elementary School
Coatesville, PA
First Row: Bridget Fuller, Bronwyn Zappacosta, Greg Ramaley, Peggy ?, Steve ?, Marissa Buttaro, Helen ?
Second Row: Billy ?. Deanna Skowood, Tom Masculli, James Huff, Susan Pavana, Tony Previte
Third Row: Bridget ?,, Mike Jason, Brenda ?, Cindy ?, Kim Karmilowcz, Brian Blakely, me
Fourth Row:?, Audrey ?, Troy Gaines (I think), Stephanie Palmer, Steve Dovidio, Kathy ?

23 July 2014

Today in History: Roger Sherman dead of typhoid

Roger Sherman died of typhoid in New Haven, Connecticut today back in 1793. He was 72. Sherman was a Connecticut Patriot, who sadly I must admit I had never heard of until he popped up on "Today in History" on the History.com page. Sherman was the only one among the Patriots of the American Revolution who signed all four documents that gradually assigned sovereignty to the new United States: the Continental Association of 1774, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution. The National Park Service offers a nice write up on Sherman as well.

Photo: NPS

22 July 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Joseph J Sushinski

Joseph J. Sushinski
1925 - 2003
buried at Holy Ghost Ukrainian Cemetery
Valley Township, Chester County, PA
About Joseph:
Joseph was born 18 June 1925. He enlisted in the US Army on 3 September 1943. He passed away on 25 August 2003.

20 July 2014

Sunday's Obituary: Panko Hruszczak

Panko Hruszczak (Ruczhak), 75, of 274 New Street, Coatesville, died at his home Thursday afternoon. He had been in failing health for four years.

Hruszczak, who was the husband of Bessie Matys Hruszczak, was born in Galicia, Austria, and had resided in Coatesville for 55 years after coming to this country as a young man.

He retired from Lukens' Steel Co. approximately 11 years ago where he was employed in the die shop of central maintenance for 15 years. He was formerly employed by Bethlehem Steel Co.

Hruszczak was a member of the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Coatesville.

Surviving besides his wife are five sons: Joseph Ruczhak, Theodore Ruczhak, Nicholas Ruczhak, Paul Ruczhak and Peter Ruczhak, all of Coatesville; and four daughters: Katherine, wife of Chester Wiker of Coatesville; Mary, wife of Michael Senn of Drexel Hill; Helen, wife of Jack Prybylinski of Chester; and Ann, wife of Jack Peazzoni of Downingtown. He is also survived by 15 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Note: This was published in the Local on 28 January 1968.

18 July 2014

Follow Friday: PolishRoots.org

Follow Friday is, for me at least, one of the more difficult Geneabloggers' prompts to write. Today however, I hopped online and found one that was perfect for where I am now in my research on my MATYS line and I had to include it!

My great grandmother - Bessie Matys - came from Fraga. It has been a most difficult place to find information out about.

PolishRoots.org is an awesome resource. This particular post, "How to Write a Letter Requesting Records in Polish" is timely and a God-send, for me at least. In it, are examples of phrases to use so that anyone essentially can write a letter requesting information.

The site itself is a wealth of information. It covers land records and maps and tips. It covers the history of Poland as well. It is a "must check out" for anyone doing Polish or Ukrainian research.

17 July 2014

A Somber Anniversary: the Romanovs

Tsar Nicholas II of Russian and his family were executed at Yekaterinburg today (17 July) in 1918. Born Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov in 1868, he was the last Tsar of Russia. He, his wife Alexandra Fyodoronova, daughters Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia, and their son Alexey were executed by the Bolsheviks.

Hoping to save his country from the violence that was occurring, Czar Nicholas abdicated in February 1917. The abdication did little to calm the revolutionists though and after the Bolshevik Revolution in October, he and his family were exiled to Siberia under house-arrest. It was there, in a basement, the still young family was lined up in the basement and shot. Their bodies were discarded by the Bolsheviks in an unmarked grave.

Today, the Romanov family are saints of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Royalty and martyrdom were joined together, O blessed ones,
In your death for righteousness and right belief, O wise Sovereigns,
Nicholas and Alexandra, with your five children.
Hence, Christ our God counted you worthy of thrones in Heaven;
And with twofold crowns of glory,
You reign forever, adorned with grace divine.

Throwback Thursday: Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade
Coatesville Area Catholic Elementary School
Coatesville, PA
First (Bottom) Row: Gina DeFazio, Bridget Fuller, Theresa Hanna, Bronwyn Zappacosta, ?, ?, Maureen Doyle
Second Row: Helen, Marissa Buttaro, Susan Pacana, Steve, Deanna Skowood, Greg Ramaley, Stephanie Palmer, Audrey
Third Row: Bridget, Michael Jason, Barbara Larkin, ?, Brenda, James Huff, Cindy, Brian Blakely, Kim Karmilowcz
Top Row: Kathy, ?, me, Steve Dovidio, ?, Jason, Peggy, Tony Previte, Mrs. Karen Tatela