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I can't recall ever NOT being interested in my family history. Perhaps it was my maternal grandmother who often (like hourly!) announced she was 100% Irish. She herself was about as tall as a leprechaun too! Perhaps it was growing up in Coatesville, which is admittedly a very ethnically proud community, where being Ukrainian was part of our identity. Perhaps it was my being only third generation American on Daddy's side. Perhaps it was mom's aunt (my great grandfather's sister) who used to tell me stories of her family line that just kind of showed up in Chester County! Whatever IT was, I got hooked early.
I got my Journalism degree (a B.A. in Mass Communications) from Lock Haven University (LHU) and those research skills have proved over and over again to be useful in genealogy research.
After college, I married an Eckman from Lancaster County who is descended from the Rev. Hans Herr, and well, the addiction just exploded all over! His mom's side attended Christ Church in Philadelphia!
In addition to tracing our own lines, I also offer my services to others. This has opened up even more records and researches. There is never enough time it seems to cover everything or learn everything. Through my various research I have learned so much history - both American history and that of my ancestral homelands.

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