29 June 2011

The History of Houses

Check out your local historical society or preservation society to see if they have ever put together something on the various local historical places. Lancaster County did just that. It covered older buildings - some historical and some just old. Often it may lead to interesting family discoveries. Sometimes it simply confirms them.

Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, PA is home to the Joseph Eckman House, the Daniel & Elizabeth Eckman House and the Jacob & Elizabeth Eckman House. Joseph's house was on White Oak Road near Beaver Valley Pike (now known as Route 222). The later two are located on Winter Hill Road. The houses all date back to the early 1800s.

From personal reserach and meeting family members who - until only the last 10 years or so - still lived on Winter Hill Road, I learned that the Eckman family did in fact at one time own much of that land around Winter Hill and Old Road. John Eckman - the stroy goes - donated the land for the Zion United Church of Christ there on Winter HIll Road. He was the first organist for the church as well. While at the one family member who lived across the church, I noticed a land pact framed and hung to the Eckmans from William Penn himself.

23 June 2011

Updated my Ancestry file ... finally

I woke up early this morning and decided to take a look at the old to do list. We all have this sort of list. It's made with god intentions but have you ever noticed as we cross one item off two more items find their way on the list! Anyway, something woke me up at 4 this morning and since I normally wake up at 5 anyway I decided to just stay up. My FarmTown (yeah - I'm addicted!) was not ready so I pulled out the to do list. I think I could probably wake up at 3 for an entire month and still have a nice list!

Today - I updated my family file on Ancestry.com finally. It's been a long time coming. If you would like to check it out, it is called Ruczhak Family Tree. It covers: Ruczhak/Hruszczak, Matys, Kurenda, Skrabalek, Still, Walsh/Welsh, O'Flaherty, Durkin, Keating, Murphy, VanHorn, Rice, Bing, Way, Eckman, Deyoe, Schermerhorn, Herr, Miller, Kirchner and more.

I used to be able to recall any date and name or place or event ... then I computerized. I love it don't get me wrong but sometimes this grey cells upstairs just don't recall the facts as they used to! I rely so heavily on my laptop, my FTM and my many many files!

I wish I could say I found an easy way to update my gedcom (is there one btw?) but alas I ended up deleting and re-importing. In the end, it's all good but I do think I made extra work for myself. Well ... it's 6 am ... time to get ready for the paying job so I can afford to continue enjoying the addiction of genealogy!

20 June 2011

O Fllaithbheartaigh

O Fllaithbheartaigh ... that is O'Flaherty in Irish, according to http://www.censusdiggins.com/irish_surname_search.html.

From this site, you can research your Irish surnames. It tells you where in Ireland the name was and is most found and a little history of the surname, noting any famous or infamous people. The site is an interesting read as well as a great place to start when you are ready to cross the pond!

15 June 2011

Looking for info - esp wife's name - for Charles Still of W Vincent Twp., Chester County, PA. Charles died in 1868.

14 June 2011

Looking for info re Jacob Still died 11 Oct 1831 in Chester County, PA. Found dead in field along w a Matthew McDonnaugh.
Did you know ... the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization was established in 1906?

13 June 2011

Tip of the day -- you found some old nes clippings in the old family bible ... make a copy and store the original in an archival folder. Do not laminate.

12 June 2011

Tip of the day ... Search your last name (or the name you're searching) on Facebook. I did and found a possible cousin!

11 June 2011

Genealogy Fair in Philly this weekend

If you are in the Philadelphia area thi weekend, Philly.com has announced a Genealogy Fair. Experts will be on hand to answer questions & help attendees start tracing family history. Temple Sholom in Broomall, 55 Church Ln., Broomall. Sunday, 6/12. 1-5 pm.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.