30 October 2012

Ulrich Eckman

I received an email about an earlier post on Alonzo Smedley Eckman recently and the woman mentioned she had not heard of Ulrich Eckman. So who is Ulrich?

Ulrich is the father of Johannes Eckman and his brother Hans Jacob Eckman. Hans and his line settled in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania before some trickled down to Maryland. Johannes and his line settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where few have left. Alonzo's parents did leave but after their passing he returned to live with an aunt and uncle in Fulton Township, Lancaster County.

Following Johannes ...
Johannes immigrated in 1727 and came into Philadelphia. He is listed as the "primary immigrant" so I think it is safe to conclude (esp when combined with other information) that his father Ulrich did not immigrate. (Source: COUSINS, ELIZABETH. Immigrants Into Pennsylvania, September 1727-September 1732. np: Pathfinders, nd. 51p. -- as per Ancestry.com). Johannes married Eva Dorthea Seitz in Germany and the two immigrated together.

Johannes & Eva Dorthea Seitz Eckman had nine children:
1. Jerome Heironimus Eckman (1718-1784) m Anna Barbara Slaymaker
2. Johannes Peter Eckman (1719 - 1776) m Mary Magdalena Bushong
3. Henry Eckman (1730-1790) m Esther Lefever
4. Eva Elizabeth Eckman (b 1734) m Lawrence Slaymaker
5. Anna Barbara Eckman (b 1736) m Peter Scheaffer
6.  Jacob Eckman (1737-1778) m Anna Maria Taylor
7. Anna Catharine Eckman (b 1739) m Andrew Franck
8. Christina Magdalena Eckman (b 1732) m John Kunkle
9. Elizabeth Eckman m Jacob Faultz

Their descendents are indeed numerous. Many still reside in Lancaster County!

15 October 2012

Just found info on john kirchners death!
At library searching kirchners I found note on 2 Nov 1881 in Lancaster paper about a john vanhorn in Jersey city!

14 October 2012

Gift Suggestions for the Genealogist on Your Christmas List

Christmas is right around the corner. It is less than three months away. So, what do you get your family genealogist without breaking the bank? Genealogists love getting research tools and family information for Christmas. Click HERE for the full article as it appeared on Knoji.

02 October 2012

Annual Preservation Conference Announced

The National Archives has announced its Annual Preservation Conference. David M. Rubenstein, an American philanthropist and co-founder of The Carlyle Group, will be the Keynote Speaker this year. Click HERE for more info.
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