30 November 2010

Searching for that One Fact to Finally Confirm ... or Deny

I am searching for that one fact to confirm or deny that my girls are descended from Native Americans. At this point I don't believe it to be true but their father's family is quite adament about it and I can recall his Uncle John telling stories about this woman.

This woman would be LOUISE SHARP. According to the Census Records she was born in 1836 in New York. Both her parents supposedly were also born in New York. She married DANIEL DEYOE of the near Lexington, Greene County, NY Deyoe Family. It is a huge family who can trace their lineage back to early 1700s.

Uncle John used to say that Louise was really LONESTAR and that she was a Mescalero. Now - being of Slavic and Irish descent - I have to admit that my Native American research was minimal (if that) until I heard this story. Evidently the Mescalero are the warring branch of the Apache Tribe. You don't see too many Apache in New York state so I asked Uncle John about that and he said ...

DANIEL DEYOE fought in "the war" and found himself a native bride and brought her home with him much to the dismay of the family. I can find NOTHING to substantiate this claim.

Daniel and Louise had two boys - one of whom was MORGAN DEYOE. Morgan ended up in Philadelphia and married JULIA COURSAULT. Records show that Louise moved in with Morgan after Daniel passed.

Every record I have found so far on Louise shows that she was born in NY and her paretns were born in NY and she was white. Every record.

... so the search continues ...
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.