10 November 2010

Welcome to Jeanne's Genealogical Gems

Welcome to Jeanne's Genealogical Gems! As I delve deeper into my family history and that of my clients, I intend to offer helpful research tips and techniques, genealogy news items, family history research, and some localized history. If you have questions that you would either like me to answer here or if you would like to discuss privately something more detailed, please email me at jeanne.eckman@comcast.net.

I have been tracing my family history for more than 20 years. While most of my family has stayed in the same general area in Pennsylvania, my research has taken me to my ancestral homelands of Ireland, Austria-Galicia and the Ukraine, to name a few. From time to time, I will also include some short articles concerning genealogy or local history that I have written for various sites.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.