25 December 2010

Timelines ...

A little bit ago I mentioned I was trying to confirm or deny an old family story concerning the DEYOE family - especially Louise and Daniel DEYOE. So, I decided that perhaps a timeline might help.

Louise Sharp

1838 -- born in New York State - acc. to the 1880 US Federal Census. Family records and a book on the Deyoe family state 1836.

1846-1848 -- Mexican war

1861-1865 -- US Civil War. I show no proof that DANIEL DEYOE ever fought in the Civil War although he certainly would have been of age and that would explain them not having their first child til their late 30s.

1870 -- not found on Census in Lexington or Prattsville.

1874 -- son Walter G died 30 March. Buried him at the Deyo Ground in Lexington.

1877 -- son Morgan G. born. The 1880 census shows his age as 5 but his WW1 Draft Registration as well as his WW2 Draft Registration show his birth as 27 August 1877. Thw 1920 US Census shows his age as 42.

1880 -- marr to Daniel G Deyoe and living in Lexington, Greene County, NY. Has one natural son MORGAN and one adopted son WILLIAM PARKER -- acc. to the 1880 US Federal Census which lists her as being WHITE

1881 -- son John W. born.

The second son - MORGAN - is my girls' paternal great grandfather. He moved down to Philadelphia, PA. In 1918 when he filled out his WW1 Draft Registration he was in Philadelpia then. He married a JULIA COURSAULT.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.