31 December 2010

New Year (Genealogy Related) Resolutions

1. Find my maternal great grandmother (MARY KILPATRICK STILL) on a passenger list from Ireland to the USA.

2. Obtain the naturalization records for my paternal great grandfather (PANKO HRUSZCZAK).

3. Locate the burial location of PANKO (see #3) and BESSIE MATYZ HRUSZCZAK's first child -- THEODORE. Pank and Bessie had a son Theodore in 1916 but he died tragically in 1918 perhaps. I say perhaps because their third son (also THEODORE) was born in 1918 or 1919. My grandfather (JOSEPH) was born in 1917 and is the one who told me the story of how Bessie was cooking Easter lunch. She set the pot of boiling water on the floor and Theodore was just starting to crawl and scalded himself to death. I know Theodore (the baby) was NOT buried with the rest of the family at our church cemetary - HOLY GHOST UKRAINIAN ORTHODOX CEMETERY in COATESVILLE, CHESTER COUNTY, PA - but am not sure where exactly he is buried.

4. Obtain the parents names and information for MARGARET STILL. She was mother to my great great great grandfather GEORGE DAVID STILL (b. 1808 in East Fallowfield Township, Chester County, PA). The story goes that she had George out of wedlock and that her father put her up on a farm but that he was not necessarily from East Fallowfield.

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5. Get better organized! We moved last year and I am still unpacking some boxes full of Genealogical Gems!

6. Confirm or deny the potential Native American link for my girls' paternal great grandmother - LOUISE SHARPE DEYOE. An earlier blog goes into more depth on her but basically family says she is Mescalero brought back by DANIEL G DEYOE as his bride but I find nothing to back up this story.

7. Take on a related local history project. I have decided to record the grave markings at a cemetery where I have many family members buried. I have the layout and the pictures I want figured out. I just need to do it and then figure out how to publish and sell it.

Family Tree Maker 2011

8. Purchase a laptop for my genealogy and writing purposes. It must come with a wireless modem, dvd/cd player, (a writable one would actually be great!) and a huge hard drive. I would prefer it to come w Microsoft Office products so I can still work with the other systems in the house w/o much fuss.

9. Write more genealogy oriented articles. I would also like to expand my reading audience. I'm always looking for new article ideas, so if there is something you've wondered how to trace, or how to do/find/preserve/etc, email me at jeanne.eckman@comcast.net. Thanks

10. Research Civil War events more. My ultimate goal is to actually trace my great great great grand-uncle (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN VAN HORN)through the Civil War from the time he registered in Philadelphia to his capture at the Weldon Railroad to his POW time at Libbey Prison in Richmond, VA to his life after the war in Richmond. His daughetr was born in Richmond and the family later moved to California.

I'm sure thoroughout the year more projects will present themselves but I think 10 goals is a good start! Good luck on all your projects and to do lists this coming year as well!

30 December 2010

29 December 2010

Labs That Perform Quantitative DNA for Genealogy | eHow.com

Has anyone tried DNA testing yet? After writing the below article, I think it might be interesting but I'm still not sold on its purpose. I feel like by doing it, I would be skipping ahead generations and then my research might be biased to lead me in that direction.
Labs That Perform Quantitative DNA for Genealogy | eHow.com

25 December 2010

Timelines ...

A little bit ago I mentioned I was trying to confirm or deny an old family story concerning the DEYOE family - especially Louise and Daniel DEYOE. So, I decided that perhaps a timeline might help.

Louise Sharp

1838 -- born in New York State - acc. to the 1880 US Federal Census. Family records and a book on the Deyoe family state 1836.

1846-1848 -- Mexican war

1861-1865 -- US Civil War. I show no proof that DANIEL DEYOE ever fought in the Civil War although he certainly would have been of age and that would explain them not having their first child til their late 30s.

1870 -- not found on Census in Lexington or Prattsville.

1874 -- son Walter G died 30 March. Buried him at the Deyo Ground in Lexington.

1877 -- son Morgan G. born. The 1880 census shows his age as 5 but his WW1 Draft Registration as well as his WW2 Draft Registration show his birth as 27 August 1877. Thw 1920 US Census shows his age as 42.

1880 -- marr to Daniel G Deyoe and living in Lexington, Greene County, NY. Has one natural son MORGAN and one adopted son WILLIAM PARKER -- acc. to the 1880 US Federal Census which lists her as being WHITE

1881 -- son John W. born.

The second son - MORGAN - is my girls' paternal great grandfather. He moved down to Philadelphia, PA. In 1918 when he filled out his WW1 Draft Registration he was in Philadelpia then. He married a JULIA COURSAULT.

18 December 2010

Genealogy searches in Manchester, CT

I was doing some research on an aspect of Manchester, CT (having nothing to do with genealogy) and came upo their "FREE Genealogy Road Show."

It was held Saturday, December 4, at the Manchester Town Hall. Interested parties were invited to find out what information is available in Connecticut's town halls, and to tour the facilities at the Town Clerk's office. The press release I found- while in the past- did offer those interested in sign up for a free half-hour private consultation with a certified genealogist by phoning 860-647-3037.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.