07 January 2011

Double check those dates ...

Double check your dates. This seems really obvious but worthwhile saying - especially today. Why today? Today is Christmas! Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Christmas? No, I haven't been asleep the last two weeks! And yes - Santa did come on the 25th of December. However, I am Ukrainian Orthodox and we are - liturgically - still on the "old calendar". While having two Christmases is cool, it has created some challenges in my genealogical searches.

For example, my grandfather was born 5 January 1918. However, his baptismal record shows him born 18 January 1918 - 13 days later! When Gigi (my grandfather) was born, the Old Calendar - or the Julian calendar - was still used. It is the only place I have found this discrepency for him, although I have found instances for other family members as well.

Best of luck in your genealogical searches! Merry Christmas!
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