14 January 2011

Funeral Card Friday - Ruczhak

My grandparents - JOSEPH & ANNA RUCZHAK - had simple cards. The same funeral home was used by both but on the bottom you can see the name change. Robert Harris brought on a partner - Kevin Mountain. My paternal great-grandparents used this same funeral home as well. The prayer on the back of the card is a choice as well. While we chose to have the Our Father, my uncle has Psalm 27:1 on the back of his. A friend had the Resurrection Prayer. Keep in mind when looking over your cards that it is the family member - the next of kin - who decides all this - unless there is a prepaid/pre planned arrangement with the funeral home.

In choosing the remembrance cards, it amazed me how easy that part was. The funeral home has different packages of cards - Orthodox (ours), Catholic, other Christian, non-denominational, etc. In our case, our funeral cards are well known icons in the Church.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.