03 January 2011

Matrilineal Monday -- Mary Kilpatrick Still

MARY KILPATRICK left her father James in Ireland and came to America to be with her four sisters and two brothers. Mary was born 12 November 1887 in County Mayo, Ireland. I cannot find a record of her immigration - yet. She was married in 1908 to PIERSON GEORGE STILL. She was working for a family along the Main Line (outside Philadelphia) and PG was a blacksmith who did work for some of the wealthier families down there. They courted a bit, married and he brought her home to East Fallowfield Township, Chester County.

* 1908 - Mary Kilpatrick married Pierson George Still
* 1909 - 1st child MargaretNora born in June, died in August
* 5 Sept. 1910 - 2nd child James Franklin born. He lived til 1979.
* 1912 - 2nd child Dorothy born
* 1913 - Dorothy died
* 24 March 1914 - 3rd child Lloyd Pierson born (my grandfather - passed in 1993)
* 1916 - Mary died due to complications in childbirth. The baby was stillborn. The two were buried together in one casket.

Mary had four sisters. They were: Theresa, Margaret, Martha, and Nora. Martha married a William Little. Nora married a Sam Battie. The two brothers - James and John - returned to Ireland.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.