01 January 2011

Surname Saturday -- Ruczhak/Hruszczak

My great grandfather was Panko Hruszczak. He was born 05 Aug 1893 in Sambir, Galicia. On 20 April 1911 he immigrated to US aboard the Volturno from Rotterdam, Holland. His last known address was Prusy, Austria. He listed his ethnicity as Austria, Ruthenian. He was an 18 year old single white male. He lists that he was coming to see his uncle Onifer Romanko in Coatesville, PA, that his destination is Coatesville, PA and that a living relative back home was his father Ted Hruszczak in Austria. (Ellis Island Passenger Record).

He married BESSIE MATYZ in Coatesville and they lived their much of their married life. They also lived in Columbia, Lancaster County, PA in 1917 (as per Panko's WWI DraftRegistration card) and in Chester, Delaware County, PA in 1920 (as per the 1920 census). They returned to Coatesville and lived out their lives there. They had five boys and one daughter. The boys have all passed now.

My grandfather told me once that Panko immigrated by himself but that he had two sisters. Gigi (my grandfather) knew only that the two girls never immigrated and instead both married Frenchmen.

I have found a couple other people sharing the same surname but have not been able yet to connect them.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.