26 January 2011

Working on those New Year Resolutions

Earlier (December 31st actually) I had listed my (genealogy related) New Year Resolutions. # 4 is -- Obtain the parents names and information for MARGARET STILL. She was mother to my great great great grandfather GEORGE DAVID STILL (b. 1808 in East Fallowfield Township, Chester County, PA). The story goes that she had George out of wedlock and that her father put her up on a farm but that he was not necessarily from East Fallowfield.

Well - today I went to the Chester County Archives Online (http://dsf.chesco.org/archives/cwp/view.asp?Q=609990&a=3) and in the Orphans' Court Estates, 1714-1923 I found my Margaret!

The "Decedent Index" shows Margaret died in 1874. Then I went to "Index to Wills and Administrations 1714 - 1923" which shows Margaret died in 1872 and she left a will and she was a WIDOW!!!

After George was born in 1808 (see above) she did have a second son - David. She lived with David in her last years. She also left him the majority of her land (George did get a nice portion earlier).

A widow! I also finally got David's death certificate which lists his father as David Still so maybe that explains the last name. But was David Sr. also George's father? Was the David Sr a mistake?
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