02 February 2011

A Call For Help -- Pomeranian Genealogy

I am writing an article titled, "How to Find Ship Records for Your Pomeranian's Genealogy" and I have to admit until I took this assignment I had never heard of Pomeranian Genealogy. So ... I had to say yes!

I did find one very useful website which gave me some insight. I have learned: Pomerania, which literally means along the sea in Slavic, was located along the southern Baltic Coast on both sides of the River Oder. The area was settled in the 5th century by Slavic tribes Pomorzanie and Polabs.

Being Slavic, I am excited to jump into this new area. My only hope is that I do not get "lost" in my research.

Have you heard of Pomerania? Do you have suggestions as to where I should look? Thank you!
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.