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21 February 2011

New Collaborative Tools Help Improve your Family Tree

FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ - Savvy genealogists have long known the benefits of building their family tree online in a collaborative environment.  A common approach is to find other genealogists who are searching the same surname in hopes of exchanging genealogical data to minimize their own research efforts. Today, ourFamily•ology unveils two new collaboration features aimed at helping subscribers build their family history.

The first new feature allows genealogists to search for a common ancestor and see basic data from anyone’s tree that has enabled this feature.  Users can also contact and exchange information in hopes of sharing research.

The second feature gives the ability to share documents with other subscribers. There are only a small percentage of genealogical documents available online.  Genealogists need to do field research to uncover and document their family history. ourFamily•ology now provides a tool where subscribers can share their findings such as wills, probate records, photos, birth certificates, and more.

“Sharing documents and ancestry information is important for the preservation of your family history.  Our new features combined with our existing collaboration tools are helping users to build reliable trees,” said Brandy Sacco, founder and owner.“  Last year ourFamily•ology became a certified FamilySearch affiliate to give users the ability to - access, add, exchange data, and collaborate with those contributors.  Another feature allows users to invite relatives to help build their family tree.

ourFamily•ology is the only family tree builder that offers a simple way to visually see your progress and provides an accurate rating guide. For the first time, genealogists can easily gain a sense of ‘the big picture’ of where they are and what they should work on next all at a single glance.

Sign up for a 100 day free trial.  No credit card is necessary.

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