17 March 2011

Irish Resources

My maternal grandmother - Mary Welsh Still - was 100% Irish. My maternal grandfather - Lloyd Pierson Still - was 50% Irish. They have both passed now but each year my cousins (there are six of us grandkids) remember fondly this day. My grandmother decorated more for this holiday than she did for Christmas! She was Roman Catholic. He was raised Protestan. We wore the green but also threw in the orange! Oh how that upset my grandmother that we dared to wear orange on that special day!

In tracing Irish roots, there are a few invaluable resources to mention. One is Griffith's Valuation. It is a survey of property ownership in Ireland from 1848 to 1864. It was used to tax people and can be found at http://www.failteromhat.com/griffiths.php.

The site: http://www.failteromhat.com/index.php also has links off to several invaluable FREE references. Another useful site is http://www.irishorigins.com/. It is a resource site for Irish and British records. Another site is http://www.censusfinder.com/ireland.htm. It offers links off to numerous resources sorted by county.

Happy searching! May the luck of the Irish be with ye during your search!

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.