18 April 2011

Military Monday - Benjamin Franklin VanHorn

Benjamin Franklin VanHorn was my great-great-great grandfather's brother (me, Mom, Pops, Pierson George STILL, Jennie S VAN HORN, Chrispin Pierson VAN HORN who was brother to Benjamin).

Chrispin and Benjamin were two children of George and Jane DUDBRIDGE VAN HORN. Benjamin was born in Bucks County on 8 March 1843.

Benjamin joined the army in Chester County in 1863. He served as a Private in Company H of the 90th PA Volunteers. He was captured at Weldon Railroad in Virginia and was a POW from 19 August 1864 to 15 June 1865. He served his time at Liberty Belle Island in Richmond, VA.

After the Civil War, he married Margaret Hensel on 24 April 1867. Their first daughter Virginia was born in 1868 in Virginia. By 1870 the family had moved to California and continued to grow.

Special thanks to fellow family researcher and genealogist Jerrie Finley for copies of the photos here.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.