23 May 2011

Pennsylvania Marriage Records, 1700s-1810 and other gems!

According to Ancestry.com's website they will be adding several databases. One of which is the Pennsylvania Marriage Records, 1700s-1810. While I doubt my Margaret Still will be there I am confident I will find my husband's Eckman line as well as his Herr, Miller and Kirchner lines.
His line is confusing at times as there was much intermarriage during that time frame. Both his grandparents for example were born Eckman. John Charles Eckman was born in 1883 to Charles Henry and Rosa Kirchner Eckman in Lancaster City, Lancaster County, PA. Mabel Florence Eckman was born in 1888 to Aldus John and Emma Miller Eckman in New Providence, Southern Lancaster County, PA. Both John and Mabel had a previous marriage. He was a widower when they met and Mabel a divorcee.

The immigrant ancestor was Johannes Eckman who was born about 1687 in Roamnshorn, Germany. He married Eva Dorthea Seitz in Germany and died here in Lancaster County on 22 November 1759. Johannes had one brother - Hans Jacob who was born in Roamnshorn and immigrated as well to the area. He died here in Montgomery County in 1752. Their father was Ulrich Eckman.

Johannes and Eva Dorthea had nine children. They were: Jerome Hieronimus, Johannes Peter, Henry, Eva Elizabeth, Anna Barbara, Jacob, Anna Catharine, Christina Magdalena and Elizabeth. The Eckmans met up with and married into the Herr, Miller, Kirchner, Slaymaker, Kunkle and Bushong families just to name a few.

Jerome (s/o Johannes and Eva Dorthea) married Anna Barbara Slaymaker. She was the daughter of Mathias and Catherine Slaymaker. If you are familiar with Lancaster County You have heard of White Chimneys. That was the old Slaymaker family plot. Matthias lived there and it had been in the family until only recently when a couple purchased it to attempt an antigue shop/ B&B combo kind of thing. White Chomneys is located along Route 30 in ... Paradise Township I believe it is. Jerome and Anna Barbara had 12 children.

Johannes Peter married Mary Magdalena Bushong. She was born in France to Hans John and Barbara Bushong. They had 8 children.

The Pennsylvania Marriage Records, 1700s-1810 should be helpful for Jerome and Johannes and their children. Jerome and Anna Barbara for example were married in October of 1744 at the New Holland Trinity Lutheran Church in New Holland, Lancaster County, PA.

In addition to the Pennsylvania Marriage Records, 1700s-1810, Ancestry.com is also slated to release the Tennessee Birth and Death Records, 1800s-1900s and the Oregon Marriage Index, 1906-2006, and Death Index, 1921-2006. They will also be adding the New York State Censuses, 1915-1925 and the U.S. Census Agricultural Schedules, 1850-1880. Several other databases are being updated.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.