13 July 2011

Deyoe Family Cemetery

I have to begin by thanking Sylvia Hasenkopf and everyone who have provided this information. Sylvia does a great deal with a Greene County Mailing List and it was through that list that I stumbled upon this site which lists the graves in the Deyoe Family Cemetery.

Included on this list is John W. and Mary Schermerhorn Deyoe. They are the parents of Daniel G. Deyoe who fathered Morgan G. Deyoe - my husband's maternal grandfather.
  1. In small fenced area: John Deyoe, d. June 20, 1880, age 86y8m7d.
  2. In small fenced area: Mary Schermerhorn, wife of John Deyoe, d. June 15, 1881, age 87y.
While the site did not offer much new information, it did reiterate some information and help to paint a better family picture.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.