11 July 2011

In Search of the Perfect Web Host

I realize there is no perfect anything in life but I'd like to fins a near-perfect web host for a small budgeted growing genealogy business. My husband used to actually host websites but got out of the business a few years ago due to health concerns.

I was reading an article at python hosting and I realized there are so many more choices out there now then when I was doing web sites before. So I thought I would throw our my question for your opinions!

Did you design your own site or is the host part of a package?
-- I intend on doing my own design and upkeep.
How do you update your site? Is it relatively painless?
Does your host require a long term contract?
What does your host charge?
Are you happy with your host?
Who do you use?

Thank you in advance to all who respond - either on here specifically or by email (jeanne.eckman@comcast.net).
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.