25 July 2011

Matrilineal Monday -- Margaret Still

Wednesday I am dropping my girls off in Coatesville to head for the UOL/JUOL Annual Convention and then afterwards, my husband and I are headed to either the Chester County Histrocial Society or the Chester County Courthouse or both for some more hands on research.

Last time we were at the Courthouse Archives we found the Inquest records for Margaret Still against David Phipps. The charge was fornication which beget a male bastard child. That charge was in April 1827. Her second son David was born in 1823 so that could explain him. However, my great-great-great-grandfather George David Still was born in 1808. Was David Phipps his father as well?

I did also confirm that the boys - George and David - were both born in Uwchlan Township.

In 1829 Margaret purchased three lots of lands from the Sherriff of Chester County over in East Fallowfield. She later divided the land between the two sons - not evenly - and resided with the younger.

My search on Wednesday will hopefully delve into Uwchaln Township where I hope to figure out who exactly was Margaret's parents. I do believe I might have found a couple brothers thru courthouse records. Those brothers showed up as having run taverns without licenses!
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