31 July 2011

Sunday's Obituary -- Agnes Still

(from the Village Record 13 March 1860)
In East Fallowfield, on the 24th ult, Mrs. Agnes Still, wife of David Still, aged 41 years and 1 month.

That's it - short and simple. However, one can still gleam a great deal of knowledge from this announcement. 1. "In East Fallowfield" -- Obviously, her location. East Fallowfield is a township in Chester County, PA.
2. "on the 24th ult" -- she actually passed on February 24th.
3. "Mrs. Agnes Still, wife of David Still" -- wife not widow so therefore David is still living, presumably in East Fallowfield.
4. "aged 41 years and 1 month" -- she was born January of 1819.

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.