04 April 2012

Ruczhaks found on the 1940 Census

The 1940 Census has finally been released. Ancestry.com, and other genealogy help sites, are still indexing the images and making it all pretty so it is easier for all of us.

I chose 1940 under the census choices. It them asked me to select my State and county then municipality. Since I knew my grandparents were living in Rock Run at the time, I chose them to start with. I chose then Pennsylvania - Chester County - Valley Township. I found them!

There was Gigi - my grandfather! Joseph Ruczhak, age 21, shows up married to my Baba (grandmother) Anna, age 19. The couple above them - John and Catherine Yuzwiak - are Baba's sister and brother in law. Notice the circle "X" next to baba's name? That indicates that she was the one who provided the information to the census taker.

One question I do have concerns with the schooling. Baba shows that the highest grade she attended was 8th grade which was normal for that time. Gigi however has an "H4" in that column. I noticed some others have similar notes but I am not sure what that means ... yet!

On the right is a section for those over 14 years of age concerning work. Gigi worked. Baba did not. She did mark that she was engaged in housework. The 1940 census shows my grandfather as being a bartender in a tavern.

As Ancestry.com continues to finish indexing the 1940 Census, more additions and changes will be made. For example, one addition is a highlight feature that will calculate birth years when you mouse over. So in Gigi's case he is 21 in 1940. The highlight will read something similar to "He is 21 so he was born in 1919." In actuality my grandfather was born in January 1918. Over the next several months, another highlight feature is expected. This will literally highlight the entire household.

The good side -- I'm excited! I am hoping to fill in some missing pieces.
The bad side -- I am really have to workon my self-discipline. I don't see much other work getting done for awhile!

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.