29 May 2012

A Closer Look: Catharine Durkin Coogan

Catharine Durkin Coogan (1887 - 1933)
married James H. Coogan Sr.
had two children:
1. Catherine Coogan
2. James H. Coogan Jr.

In 1930 the Coogan family lived in a rented house on South Jardin Street in Shenandoah Borough (Schuykill County, PA). At the time of the census, James Sr was 48; Catharine was 43; young Catherine was 23 and young James was 21. James Sr. had been 23 when they got married; Catharine had been only 18. Hence the Coogans were celebrating their 25th anniversary that year. Everyone was born in Pennsylvania. The parents listed their parents as having been born in the Commonwealth as well. James Sr. was a tailor. Young Catherine was a teacher in a public school. Mother and son were not employed.

The 1920 census gave basically the same information. The only two differences were: James Sr listed his occupation as a merchant for men's furnishings; and the family lived on North Main Street.

The 1910 census gives a broader picture. The family is renting a place on North Gilbert Street. The census notes it is the first marriage for both of them. It also notes that Catharine has given birth to three children but only two (young Catherine and young James) are living. They have been married for five years at this point. James Sr. is a clerk in a department store. The glaring difference in this census is that Catharine now lists her parents as having been born in Ireland.

A Kate Durkin shows on the 1900 census. She is the daughter of Murt and Rose Durkin. Her birth is close: 1886 versus 1887 but I believe they may be the same person.

According to the 1900 census:
* Murt (Murtagh) was born in February 1856 in Ireland. He immigrated in 1856. It shows he is 44 years old and has been in America for 43 years. He is a naturalized citizen and is employed as a Fire Boss. I stumbled across his grave at Annunciation Cemetery in Shenandoah.
* Rose was born in January 1858. She immigrated in 1864 from Ireland and has been in America for 35 years. She has not yet become a naturalized citizen. It shows she has given birth to 10 children but only 9 are living.
* Mary, the oldest daughter, is a laundry lady. She was born in December 1877.
* Sadie was born in September 1879 and is not employed.
* Annie was born in November 1881 and is a dressmaker.
* Rose was born in December 1884 and is still in school.
* Kate was born in March 1886 and is still in school as well.
* Lizzie was born in March 1897 and was in school.
* Michael was born in June 1888 and was in school.
* Murt was born in November 1895.
* Nathan was born in November 1899.

On a side note - I did find young James (Catharine's son) on the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). It lists his birth as being 24 Jun 1908. He passed in April 1962.

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.