07 May 2012

Mystery Monday - Peter VanHorn

I recently received this email and thought - since it is a mystery atm I would include it here as well! ...

"I read somewhere on line that you might have information on the name Vanhorn of NJ, near Hunterdon County. An ancestor on my family tree, Mary Jane Heath, was married to a Peter Vanhorn in 1865. She was his first wife and they had two children, Cora and William. After she died c. 1874, He went on to marry two or three times more and died in 1915. Do you have any information on these particular Vanhorns and where they might have lived in NJ or PA? Or where they might be buried?" inquired Nancy Heath Dallaire.

First I have to apologize to Nancy. The email was dated January of this year but it went to an old email that I do not actively use.

I do not show a Peter VanHorn in my specific tree but will look in my "VanHorn" folder. This is a folder that holds information on people that I know sooner or later I will piece them in but just can not yet.

I found VanHorns in Hunterdon County, Bergen County in NJ and Bucks, Philadelphia and Chester Counties, PA. I did find one Peter (so far) but he shows too early. The Peter Barentsen Van Horn I found is the son of Barent Christiansen Van Horn and Geertje Dircks. He was born 19 April 1686 in Bergen, NJ. He died in 1750 in Bucks County, PA.

Incidently, my VanHorns begin with Sarah VanHorn who married my grat great grandfather Franklin Still. Sarah's parents were Chrispin Peirson VanHorn (1839-1902) and Maria Rice. Chrispin's parents were George VanHorn (b. 1815) and Jane Dudbridge (b. 1811). George's parents were John and Jane VanHorn. I've traced them to Philadelphia County, PA. The Dudbridges do show up on census records in Hunterdon, NJ.

I will keep looking and ask that if you are reading this and know of any Peter VanHorn that might tie in, please respond!
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.