17 May 2012

Thankful Thursday: Aunt Helen

Next to my grandmother, my Aunt Helen was the single most family member who got me interested in genealogy. She was so helpful and so excited that a "young person" was interested in the family.

Aunt Helen was born in East Fallowfield Township in 1905 which of course made her the oldest living relative I had growing up. She passed in 1995, having lived a full life. The daughter of Franklin Still and Sarah Jennie VanHorn Still, she was my great grandfather (Pierson George Still)'s sister.

In 1924 she married Elwood James Webster. They had two girls. One died shortly after birth. The other daughter is still with us. In 1995 when Aunt Helen passed away, the church at Old Doe Run was packed. She had such an impact on so many lives. 
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