05 June 2012

A Closer Look: Onifer Romanko

According to their tombstone, he was born 24 June 1873 and passed 2 June 1939. She was born 22 August 1866 and passed 3 January 1937. According to the Chester County Archives, they were married 4 June 1917 in Coatesville. Little is know of Onifer and even less of Rosalia, his bride.

I first learned of Onifer while researching my great grandfather, Panko Hruszczak. Panko immigrated to the US on 20 April 1911 aboard the Volturno from Rotterdam, Holland. His last known address was Prusy, Austria. He listed his ethnicity as Austria, Ruthenian. He was an 18 year old single white male. He lists that he was coming to see his uncle Onifer Romanko in Coatesville, PA, that his destination is Coatesville, PA and that a living relative back home was his father Ted Hruszczak in Austria. (According to the Ellis Island Passenger Record). Hence, Onifer would be Panko's mother's - Catherine Romanko - brother.
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