16 September 2012

Georgia to close public archives

Financial strains have hit everyone - including the government of Georgia it seems. In a statement released Thursday from Georgia's Office of the Secretary of State, it was announced that in order to cut the budget, Georgia will be closing its public archives. The close is scheduled for 1 November.

The statement reads: "To meet the required cuts ... effective November 1, 2012, the Georgia State Archives located in Morrow, GA will be closed to the public.  ... Georgia will be the only state in the country that will not have a central location in which the public can visit to research and review the historical records of their government and state.  ... After November 1st, the public will only be allowed to access the building by appointment; however, the number of appointments could be limited based on the schedule of the remaining employees."

The Georgia Archives are physically located at 5800 Jonesboro Road Morrow, GA . They can also be found virtually at http://sos.georgia.gov/archives/.

A petition to keep the Archives open has surfaced. To sign the petition against this visit https://www.change.org/petitions/the-governor-of-ga-leave-our-state-archives-open-to-the-public.
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