10 December 2012

Matrilineal Monday: Mary Schermerhorn

Mary Schermerhorn was born in New York in 1794. She was the daughter of Jacob T (1764 - 1845) and Sarah (1775 - 1846) Shutts Schermerhorn.

On 2 April 1820 she married John W Deyoe. To him she has nine children: James, Lucinda, John Walker, Sarah, Christopher E., Hannah, Polly L., and Daniel G.

The 1850 Census lists her name as Sarah born 1796. John is head of house in 1850. Living with them at home is Hannah aged 18, Polly aged 15, Daniel ages 12, and Christopher age 10. At the time they were living in Middletown, Delaware County, New York.

The 1860 Census has her and John living with their daughter Hannah and her husband Walter George. They were in Lexington, Greene County, New York. She went by Sarah then too. The 1870 and 1880 census though list her as Mary. Both of those census also still have her living with daughter Hannah. The 1880 census however does list her as a widow.

She passed on 15 June 1881. She is buried in the Deyoe Family Cemetery.

Sadly, all I known of Mary Schermerhorn Deyoe ... so far ... is the aboove statistical and vital information. Her son Daniel married Louisa Sharp. Their son Morgan moved to Philadelphia and married Julia Coursault. They had a daughter Dorothy who married Frank Raymond Eckman. They had four children. One of whom is my husband. Hence, Mary Schermerhorn Deyoe is my great great grandmorther - in law.
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