08 December 2012

Sorting Saturday

Last week I cleaned a portion - a small portion - of my desk where some files and paperwork had piled up. This week I took a different angle to Sorting Saturday. I organized and cleaned up my labels here on Genealogical Gems.

The picture at right is not the greatest but it shows some of the changed labels okay. Cemeteries are now listed as "Cemetery: Name of Cemetery" instead of the individual cemeteries spread all over the labels.

I did the same for the surnames (see left). I had realized how many surnames I have been tracing or come across over the years. I am glad I spent Sorting Saturday doing this task ... instead of waiting a few more years! Could you imagine?

I am debating if I want to do something similar with townships and cities before I acquire too many more! On the bright side - soon I will have everything sorted and organized and then I can move on to ... another Saturday topic!

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.