01 January 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Aldus B. Miller

Aldus B. Miller
Oct. 10, 1861 - Jan. 4, 1914
Annie E. Miller
Sept. 6, 1863 - Sept. 16, 1916

Aldus and Annie Miller are buried at the Clearfield United Methodist Church Cemetery in Smithville, Lancaster County, PA. They do not yet fit into our Millers but how could I resist taking a photo while I was there, right?

Noticing the flag next to the grave, I hopped on Ancestry.com and went in search for Aldus Miller. I did not find anything military related but I did find the Millers a few places.

The 1900 US Census shows 38 year old Aldus and 36 year old Annie with their children: 15 year old Charles L. (b. Oct. 1884), seven year old Lydia E. (b. Dec. 1892), four year old Clarence P. (b. July 1895), and two year old Benjamin D. (b. May 1898) Miller. The Millers had been married for 17 years and were living in Martic Township, Lancaster County, PA. Aldus listed his occupation as farm laborer. Annie is shown to have had seven children with only five surviving in 1900. Everyone was born in Pennsylvania. Annie and Aldus also both listed their parents' birthplace as being Pennsylvania as well.

The 1910 Census lists Aldus, Annie, 17 year old Lydia, 14 year old Clarence P., 12 year old Benjamin as well as nine year old Walter H., six year old Anna L., and three year old Chester S. Miller. Aldus lists his occupation as a watchman for the railroad. Two doors down is a Charles Miller age 25. While I am not certain it is their oldest son, it does seem to fit. Charles has been married to 21 year old Emma for two years. They have one child - a newborn Anna May. Charles also works for the railroad.

I also found Aldus in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Historic Pennsylvania Church and Town Records; Reel: 1000. It confirms his birth, death and the burial and is included in the Gerberich Collection. Aldus and Annie are both listed, although her death is not recorded. Listed also is a Martha Irene and Harry J. the "ch of foregoing". Martha Irene was born 9 January 1890. She passed 18 Decemebr 1895. Harry was born and passed both in 1883.

Aldus may be the some of Peter and Mary Gochenaur Miller but I have not yet confirmed this. Not all the information fits perfectly and therefore still needs confirmation.

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.