25 February 2013

Amanuensis Monday

Amanuensis Monday is a blogging theme for GeneaBloggers which encourages the family historian to transcribe family letters, journals, audiotapes, and other historical artifacts. The letter transcribed here today is another letter from my Aunt - Helen Still Webster.

I am going to transcribe exactly as she has written it. My comments will be placed in {} marks.

Happy Thanksgiving
Sat. Nov. 21, 1992

My dear Jeanne & Glenn,

I received your letter and glad you are working on history. That was a cute thank you card.

Yes I would like to meet Glenn. {Glenn is my husband. We married 22 August 1992}. It seems I have not seen much of you lately either. At Mary Still funeral you sat with Lloyd {my maternal grandparents}.

I do not know where our relatives came from. Well the only real americans are the american Indians and we are allfrom them and foreign countries.

If you would go to West Chester courthouse and look up Bing & Way - my father's mother, Still, Rice, Van Horn. I think you would find the material about the immigrants. Let me know if you ever find out. Yes I would appreciate a copy of the history.

One time my mother {that would be Sarah Jennie VanHorn Still} told me this story:
My great grandmother {that would be Margaret Still} had a child out of wedlock {that would be Aunt Helen's paternal grandfather George Still} so her parents bought a small farm near Goosetown and put her and the child on it, and then she had another child {that would be David Still}, so times back then must have been like today and my mothr said our name should not have been Still.

My father's father was Geo Still, at least that is what he went by, and he had a half brother David Still who lived near Modena.

There was a Still family in Modena but they did not associate with us.

I came along so late in life my parents did not talk much of our ancestors.

I don't know what our name should have been. Interesting history.

Aunt Helen Webster
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