23 December 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Philip G. & Mabel Steinman Winters

Tombstone Tuesday is a blogging theme for GeneaBloggers which encourages the family historian to include an image of a gravestone of one or more ancestors and it may also include a brief description of the image or the ancestor.

Mabel Steinman  Nov. 9, 1885 - Feb. 8, 1975
In loving Memory   Married Apr. 3, 1904
Philip G.  Oct. 16, 1884 - Sept. 27, 1964

The Winters are buried at Zion UCC in New Providence, Lancaster County, PA.

They were wed 3 Apr 1904 at Faith Reformed Church, in Lancaster.

The 1905 Lancaster City Directory reveals a Philip G. WInters residing at 316 E. Liberty Street. He is a silk weaver. His father, Issac, still lives at 334 Green Street and is a laborer. The 1907 Directory lists Philip's address as 423 Cherry.

The 1910 Census shows Philip and Mabel Winters the parents of three young daughters: Mary, Stella, and Mabel in Strasburg Township. Philip at this time is 24 and his wife is 23. Mary is five. Stella is three and young Mabel is one. Mabel (the mother) also lists her father as being from Germany. Everyone else was born in Pennsylvania. Philip lists his occupation as a laborer at odd jobs.

Philip registered for the draft for World War I in September 1918. At this time he reveals his middle name is Gonder. He is a self employed farmer in Gordonville.

In 1920 the family, still living in Strasburg Township, has grown. Mary is now 14. Stella is 13. Mabel is 11. They are now joined by brother Lester I, aged nine. There are two additional girls as well: four year old Ethel M. and two year old Pearl I. Philip now lists his occupation as general farm labor and the Winters own their own property.

The 1921 Lancaster County Directory lists Philip G. and Mabel M. residing at Gordonville in Strasburg Township. He is a farmer at this time. She keeps house.

The family continues to grow over the next decade. By the 1930 census the three elder girls have moved on. Remaining at home is 19 year old Lester, 14 year old Ethel, 12 year old Pearl, as well as 10 year old Harry R., seven year old Roy P., and four year old Bettie L. This census reveals that Philip was 19 at the time of marriage and Mabel was 18 then. This time when asked of her father's place of birth, Mabel states Pennsylvania like everyone else and not Germany like the earlier censuses. Philip now lists his occupation as a stone mason and Lester lists his as general farming.

The 1940 census is of course the most recent released census. It shows Philip and Mabel are joined at their Strasburg Township home by 20 year old Harry R., 17 year old Roy P., 15 year old Betty L., and nine year old Dorothy J. This census also asks the highest grade level completed. Philip has completed grade seven while Mabel has completed grade six. Philip lists his occupation as stone mason again. Harry lists his occupation as a laborer at a tobbaco warehouse.

The next documented history of Philip Winters is his draft registration in April of 1942. He lists his birthplace as Paradise, PA and his occupation as a self employed stone mason. He confirms his birthdaye as 16 October 1884 and states they have no telephone. He describes himself as white, 5'7", weighing 170 pounds, blue eyes, gray hair and light complexion. He is 57 years old at this time.

Before he married Mabel, Philip was living with his parents and siblings on Green Street in Lancaster City. The 1900 Census reveals that Philip is the som of Issac and Mary Winters, both 45 at that time. His siblings are 21 year old Eva M. (b. October 1878), 17 year old Mary S. (b June 1882), 13 year old Louis B. (b. April 1887), and 10 year old Annie E. (b. November 1889). This census reveals that Issac was born in July 1854 and Mary in November of the same year. Issac was a boxmaker. Eva was a candy packer. Mary was a laborer in a caramel factory. Philip also worked in the caramel factory but in the box department. The younger two are in school. Philip's mother Mary lists that she has had 10 children but only five are living at this time.

Issac's parents were Benjamin and Mary Ann Girvin Winters. Mary was Mary Jane King and her parents were John and Leah King. This information is according to a shared family tree on Ancestry.com. It also lists Benjamin's parents as Simon Winters and Sarah Young.

This shared family tree also reveals info on Mabel Steinman - Philip's wife. Her parents were Jacob Henry Steinman and Mary Ann Herr. Mary's parents are Samuel B. Herr and Martha M. Brubaker. Samuel's parents were David Herr and Catherine Baumberger.

A quick aside -- I have now connected Philip Winters' wife Mabel Steinman to my husband's family! Mabel's maternal grandfather is Samuel Herr. Samuel's sister Elizabeth married James Creswell. Their daughter Catherine Kezia Creswell married John Henry Eckman. Their son Charles Henry Eckman is my husband's great grandfather. Our Charles Henry Eckman and Mabel Steinman Winters were first cousins! But I digressed ...

David Herr's parents were David Herr and Christine Martin. Catherine Baumberger's parents were Michael Baumberger and Elizabeth Hawk. David Herr - the elder - was the son of Christian Herr who was the son of Abraham Herr and Anna Bare. Abraham's parents were Hans Herr and Elizabeth Kendig. This is all also documented in "Descendents of the Rev. Hans Herr" by Theodore Herr. Anna's parents (I have to admit I have not seen these names anywhere before) are listed in this shared family tree on Ancestry.com as Heinrich Bar and Veronica Meyer. The Bar line is traced back to 1520 in Switzerland.
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