02 March 2013

Sorting Saturday - Backing up & Cleaning Out

Our systems are getting old and in need of a major update so we finally broke down and decided to get new systems. In doing so, I thought it was high time to sort thru the electronic mound of documents and photos. Some will of course be saved and some will be deleted no doubt.

CENSUS RECORDS ... This jpg (at right) is titled "1870 Census Mary Schermerhorn Deyoe". The census is for Lexington, NY. John & Mary Deyoe - ages 76 and 73 respectively - are living with Walter and Hannah George and their 11 year old son Leroy. An Effie Crispwell, age 7, also lives with the Georges. Walter, age 45, and John are farmers. Hannah, age 40, keeps house while Leroy and Effie are at school and Mary does not list an occupation. They were all born in New York.

Neighbors to the Georges was Walker Deyoe and his family. Walker is a 44 year old farmer. His wife is is 38 year old Caroline. She keeps house. Their 11 year old son Willie E. is at school. All are born in New York.

In 1850 (see Census at left) Mary is listed as Sarah - perhaps a middle name? Or a nickname? John, age 57, is a farmer. Sarah is 54 thus the assumption this is the wife not the daughter of the same name. The children are listed in 1850 as: Hannah, age 18; Polly, age 15; Daniel, age 12; and Christopher, age 10. All of them were born in New York. The census lists their residence as Middletown in Delaware County in the state of New York. Many of their neighbors were born in Ireland.

Now, I knew that on 2 April 1820 Mary Schermerhorn married John W Deyoe. They had nine children: James, Lucinda, John Walker (perhaps the one listed above?), Sarah, Christopher E., Hannah (the one mentioned above), Polly L., and Daniel G. (hubby's great grandfather).

Daniel was a farmer as well. He owned a farm in Lexington, Greene County, NY. The farm, according to the 1880 Ag Census, shows Daniel owned 60 tilled acres, 31 acres of meadows and pastures, and 19 acres of woodland valued at $2,500 at that time.

SPECIAL CENSUS .... New York conducted a special census (at right) listing those who died in Lexington in a certain year. John Deyoe was included as having passed between 1 June 1879 and 31 May 1880. This special census states John is 86, white, married. Both he and his parents were born in New York. He was a farmer. He died in January from an "enlargement of the heart." The attending physician is listed as E. L. Ford.

That seems to be it for the Deyoe related files at least the electronic files. I have a HUGE manilla folder to go thru yet but ... another day!

Happy Sorting!
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.