16 March 2013

Sorting Saturday

Today I continue to clean my computer files out. So today, I continue to sort through my various collections hoping to organize things. I came upon this 1930 Census.

Just a quick tip - when using Ancestry.com for your research, it allows you to save the document you are looking at to the relevant person in your tree. I also save a copy to my hard drive and label it something like (in the case below) "1930_Kurenda." For this one it was easy. They were the only Kurendas here so far that I have found. My Irish ancestors are a bit tougher since they all have similar names. In that case I might have used husband and wife's names together or something to indicate better who it referred to.

The 1930 Census of the KURENDA family reveals them living on Sandy Hill Road. John is 43 and his wife Francis is 48. They were 22 and 30 respectively when they got married. They both list Poland as their place of birth. Living with them is son Pete, age 21; daughter Mary, age 20; daughter Catherine Yuzwiak, age 19 (she was married at age 18); daughter Anna, age 13; son Paul, age 8; and  son-in-law John Yuzwiak, age 25 (married at age 24; his parents were from Poland too). John Kurenda owned his home, which was valued at $2100. Both John and Francis are still aliens in 1930 but the census does reveal that he immigrated in 1910 and she did so in 1912. John, Pete and John Yuzwiak all were laborers in the steel mills.

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.