05 March 2013

Talented Tuesday: Anna & Zorina's Artwork

All three of my girls are artistic. Anna and Zorina have been exhibited at school art shows.

Zorina was just exhibited at the Lancaster County Youth Art Show. Her "Box" drawing is at right here. She normally does more geometric oriented pieces but this was a school art project from last school year. The way Manheim Township slecets artists to even be entered is a bit odd. The students are limited to specific assignments then get judged by the art teachers at school then those selected advance to the County level. In any case, Zorina did a great job Love her shadowing!

Below are some of Anna's drawings that I came across while cleaning recently. She has many more but these were on my system already. These were just her doodling that kind of went on to become something else. The drawings had nothing to do with a school assignment.
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