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26 March 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Malamon

Yvan 1871 - 1955
Horpyna 1883 - 1962
Buried at Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Cemetery
Valley Township, Chester County, PA
The 1940 Census shows a John (Yvan) and a Horpena (Horpyna) Malamon living on Irish Lane in Valley Township, Chester County. They are both from Austria. They have a 21 year old daughter Dorothy (born 1919) and an 18 year son Michael (born 1922). Dorothy is a dressmaker. She is the only one employed at the time. Michael is still in school. John (Yvan) is also noted as having his "first papers" when you mouse over the citizenship column.

The 1930 census shows two older Malamon children: 18 year old Catharine and 16 year old Nick, in addition to Dorothy (then 12) and Michael (then 10). John (age 60 in 1930) was 30 years old at his first marriage, Horpyna (age 49) was 19. Hence this was - according to the census - their first and only marriage each. All the children listed Pennsylvania as their birthplace. John and Horpyna however list Ukraine. John worked at the steel plant in 1930. They were both still aliens in 1930, having immigrated in 1910, according to the census.
A Horpyna Malamon appears on a 1906 ship manifest coming to Coatesville, PA to see her husband Yvan Malamon. If she were 21 in 1906, that would put her birth year as 1885. She sailed from the Port of Trieste to the Port of New York, arriving 31 December 1906 on the ship Guilia.  (Note line 16 below).

Yvan arrived in new York on 2 May 1906 on the Ship Gerty. It also departed from Trieste and several passengers, including Yvan, were on theri way to visit family members in Coatesville, PA.


  1. My husband's surname is Malamon, his paternal grandfather was from the Ukraine and they settled in South Jersey near Philadelphia. I know few people with this name and those that do are his relatives.

  2. SCM - I received two other comments as well about this post, both were directly related to John and Horplna Malamon. They had another child as well - Anna. How did your husband's family come to be in South Jersey?

  3. My husband's grandfather, John, was born in Philadelphia, his father came from Ukraine (Galicia, present day Poland) seven years before his wife, who came later with her sister. I think he emigrated around the time of the Russian Revolution. John Andrew Malamon was born in the 1920s and he eventually settled in South Jersey when he married.

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