20 April 2013

Husband Appreciation Day

Today is evidently Husband Appreciation Day, according to the list of "wacky" holidays I acquired somewhere. I really do appreciate my husband. Lord knows he drives me crazy some days but through it all I really do love and appreciate him.

 This was at our oldest daughter's baptism. She posted it on her Facebook page recently. He actually asked her "who is that sexy lady with me and your aunt?" Hello???? Really??? lol  I appreciate my husband. I really do ...
I love that he shares my interest in genealogy - though sometimes I think I may be overboard for him! In this picture at right we were helping withthe annual cemetery clean up at church. He was great. He's the one kneeling. The guys were re-fitting (I think that's the right word) a few of the graves that have slid or moved over the year. One of my girls evidently took this photo since I am in it as well (grey Lock Haven sweatshirt - 3rd from right). Rarely do I give up the camera!

This was taken before we were married. It was at a Philadelphia Highway Patrol Banquet. Several of his family had been Philadelphia officers.

This photo (he is in the red shirt) was taken with his dad (in uniform) and some of the other local (Lancaster County) southern end one man departments and the ride along guys. This photo reminds me of all the stories we all hear ... often! But I appreciate that our girls will get to know his early life and his father through these stories. Dad passed in 1994. Our oldest was born in 1993 and the twins in 1998 so none of them ever got to know him. He was an incredible man!
As with many couples, sometimes the things I appreciate the most are things that drive me the most crazy ... like I know he supports my writing and talks me up often but I also know that unless I point out that he should read this, he won't. He does not make an effort to read my work. All the same, he has been on many genealogy trips with me, he has sat through NRC meetings with me (Nuclear Regualtory Commission), he has been with at numerous crime scenes (yes - including Nickle Mines Amish School Shooting), he has driven me around so I could take photos of various landscapes and fires and umm questionable crops!
I tend to jump in with both feet (I'm sure he loves my energy) and he tends to be more logistical and sit and think things through forever before acting. While frustrating, I have come to appreciate this trait.
I truely do appreciate Glenn Eckman on Husband Appreciation Day and yes everyday!
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.